free public jabber/xmpp service for you!


hostname: (this is only needed if your client doesn't support SRV DNS entries)

port: 5222 (STARTTLS only)

sha256 fingerprint: 39:AC:90:54:2C:58:E6:9A:57:66:5A:74:44:92: E2:C9:E8:93:7F:FC:61:A1:11:E0:3E:C5:A0:A8:4F:BA:B8:F8 (letsencrypt)



SSL/TLS: TLS 1.2 or newer
does not connect to servers using invalid or self-signed certificates
also does not connect to servers with 1024bit DH or lower (some bigger *.ru servers, thanks medici)


  • XEP-0163: pep
  • XEP-0191: blocking
  • XEP-0198: stream management
  • XEP-0237: roster versioning
  • XEP-0280: message carbons
  • XEP-0313: MAM
  • XEP-0352: csi
  • XEP-0357: push notify

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